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               TOTO' ONE OF A KIND

Director: Riccardo Recchia
Cast: Totò Schillaci, Roberto Baggio, Carlo Ancelotti, Gary Lineker,
Dino Zoff, Roberto Mancini, John Foot, Stephen Frears, Bruno Pizzul
Genre: Sport Biopic
Country: Italy, Ireland, Japan
Language: English
Year: 2024


The story of Totò Schillaci, a world-famous footballer, and top scorer of the 1990s World Cup. Having learned to survive every day, to return home alive, those in the field, in fact, were neither hot nor cold to him. This was until he found himself competing with those greats whom shortly before he had only admired on TV: Baggio, the Dutch trio of wonders, Gullit-Rijkaard-Van Basten, and even King Maradona. What to do? Focusing on the only objective he had: scoring goals.

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