Former SWAT captain Dong Gu, permanently injured in a failed mission, receives a threat by an old enemy to kidnap his daughter.

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Three young goats embark on an adventurous journey to maintain the peace in their community of animals from all spieces.

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After her tech genius husband leaves on a work trip, Julie, is trapped in their new, isolated home.

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An outcast steel worker, turns brutal brawler after being recruited in an underground fight league.

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Kate, a strong willed rancher,is forced to flee the brutal invasion of her planet.


A teen girl goes from hating her Grandma to loving her dearly after knowing her secrets.


A starship on its way to colonize a target planet, is attacked by an undetected ship with a mysterious group of people.

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Alex decides to take justice into his own hands, murdering those guilty of corruption. 

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