Unto the Son follows    a young man and his family's journey after the disappearance of his gangster father.

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A young girl makes a perilous journey from South/Central America to the United States unaware of the real dangers that lie ahead.


Kate, a strong willed rancher,is forced to flee the brutal invasion of her planet.


A bounty hunter of lost Art Masterpieces will discover his hidden legacy and his true identity accomplishing the last mission.

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One of the survivors of a brutal triple homicide, can't remember what happened the night before or he doesn't want to? 

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In a dystopic present after a deadly Virus Contagion has killed half world population,  it has been introduced  a new form of life: the Mnemonix to save the human race.

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Meth, murder, and blackmail. When tragedy hits a small mid-western town, things begin to take a strange and unexpected turn for the worst.