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Director: Austin Bragg | Meredith Bragg
Cast:   Mike Faist, Dennis Boutsikaris, Crystal Reed, Connor Ratliff
Genre: Comedy Biopic
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2022


In the 1970s, Roger Sharpe was a New Yorker struggling to rebuild his life as a writer, with his only escape being playing pinball. Although Roger finds work with a magazine and love with a woman, Ellen, whom he first met in an elevator, he discovers that the City has banned pinball for decades as gambling. With this challenge to his passion, Rogers is inspired to write first a magazine article and then a book about pinball with Ellen and her son, Seth, helping him. Although reluctant to answer the call by the Music and Amusement Association to join the fight to change the pinball law, Roger finds the need for a little fairer world is broader than just pinball as his love with Ellen is challenged by his frustrations. With that, Roger struggles to find a balance even as life leads him to accomplishing the improbable with one pull of the plunger.

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