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Title   Thousand Trees & Tree

Genre Pre-Scholar Children

Episodes 78 Eps  

Time      9 minutes x Episode

Trailer     click here


Country  Lebanon

Language   English

Year  2018-2019   


In a forest full of trees and shadows, the sun sends its love and warmth among the branches to the people of the one thousand trees forest. The inhabitants of the forest live with love and peace; the smart cat “Bisa”, the brawler “Lawz”, the sweet bear “Sailor”, the nice hen “Rahaf”, and other friends... We live with them the most beautiful adventures, and we learn a lot of information and facts.
Of course, we do not forget the stories of Grandma “Banna”, the endless news of Grandpa, Mr. “Antar›s tournaments, and the delicious food of Mrs. “Lotus”. «A thousand Trees and a Tree» is a children›s cartoon program that tries, in a funny atmosphere, to solve a range of wrong behaviors that a child may commit. The series is directed for children under the age of seven.