yo fausto poster def.jpg

Title       Yo Fausto

Genre     Drama

Director  Julio Berthely


Time       120 minutes 


Country  Mexico


Christian Vazquez,Arcelia Ramírez,David Medel,Adriana Llabres,
Carlos Aragón,Paloma Woolrich,Maite Urrutia,Lorena del Castillo


Year  2019


Fausto leaves Mexico behind and moves to Barcelona after he finds himself unable to cope with his mother's suicide attempt. There, he meets Carmen, a struggling model, and falls in love with her. After Carmen finds out she is pregnant, financial circumstances force Fausto to move back to Mexico. Upon his return he must contend with the expectations of his father, his challenging relationship with Carmen, his mother's health, and a personal medical diagnosis that changes his life forever.