love suffolk 2.jpg

Title       With Love From... Suffolk  

Genre    Dramedy Romance

Director  Graham Baker 


Time      90 minutes 


Country United Kingdom

Cast       Hugh Fraser (narrator), Tony Scannell, Emma Connell, Joshua Dickinson,
              Kate Parnell, Ingrid Evans, Abbie Eastwood, Roderick Smith


Year  2016


With Love From... Suffolk is a feature film that celebrates love in all its guises. Set entirely within Suffolk, it is not just a funny and tender exploration of relationships - it's also love letter to our magnificent county. With Love From... Suffolk offers a compilation of stories about the unique bonds between characters living in this county. In the vein of romantic, multi-stranded films such as Love Actually and New York, Love You, we want to engage and entertain our audience, evoking laughter, drama and romance, with a life-affirming message overall.