Title      To The Unkown God

Genre   Drama  

Director Rodolfo Bisatti


Time      120 minutes 


Country  Italy



Paolo Bonacelli, Krista Posch, Laura Pellicciari


Year  2019


Lucia lives alone with her 17th years old son Gabriel. Her husband left once their first daughter Anna, died for leukemia, 8 years ago. Lucia works in a hospice, in contact with terminal ills. Here she will meet some guests that will become "teachers" for her. The Teacher Giulio Redetti (Paolo Bonacelli) in particular, who will talk to her about his own experiences, showing her how to deal with her angst. Gabriel, Lucia's son, handles his sufferance for his sister's loss adopting a fearless way of living, in order to prove to himself and to his mother that to live include the risk of dying. Giulio Redetti' and Gabriel' choices overlap inside Lucia, driving her to a new awareness.