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THE WAY new.jpg

Title         The Way

Genre      Action

Director   Dastan Khalili


Time        90 minutes 

Language English


Year         2021   

Status :    Completed

Territories Available: World excluding North America


Jane Arcs was condemned to death years ago, after brutally killing her opponent in a underground street fight. Now, in just 24 hours, Jane will be executed for her crime. During her 13 years on Death Row, Jane has undergone a major evolution under the tutelage of a fellow inmate and Qi Gong Master Xin, learning the way of Qi Gong and ostensibly gaining supernatural abilities.


As the day of her execution arrives, Jane embraces her punishment in the spirit of transformation. Max Stone, Jane's boyfriend as well as correctional officer and part of the execution tie down team, has very different ideas. He is willing to do anything to save Jane. Will he kill others to save her life? Or will Jane help him to see the light and to let her go?

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