la suite nupcial.jpg

Title      La Suite Nupcial

Genre   Comedy

Director Carlos Iglesias


Time     92 minutes 


Country Spain

Cast   Santiago Segura,Paco Plaza,Esther Regina,José Mota,Carlos Iglesias


Year  2020


City of Toledo, (Castilla-La Mancha; center to Spain). Fidel is a man who travels from Madrid to the city to spend a weekend in the honeymoon suite of Hotel Cigarral El Bosque with the young and beauty Marisa, a job partner and too aspiring actress. Unsure, shy, fearful and on the verge of a collapse nervous, Fidel is a mature office worker close to the third age who searches in Marisa a last chance to feel lust and passion, since then his lifelong marriage with Elisa lost the flame several years ago. Therefore, Fidel's plan complicates by double trouble when he realizes that other job partner, womanizer Mario, is on the city to spend his particular weekend with her last conquer, Brazilian girl Irasema, and when he rejects Marisa's sexual innuendos, causing some discussions on the hotel and with Elvira, hotel's manager. But the real problem appears when Mario and Irasema are on the same hotel than Fidel and Marisa, and Elvira discovers not only Fidel's intentions with Marisa, but Elisa is too on the hotel for an exhibition of sexual toys. Making reality the premise that younger men want to be faithful but they can't, and older men want to be unfaithful but they can't, Fidel will find himself in a spiral of lies and deceives each time more out of control, turning a love weekend in a total madness.