Gools poster_Final01.jpg

Title        The Gools

Genre     Animation Adventure

Director  Farzad Dalvand


Time       100 minutes 

Language English


Year        2021   

Status :  Completed

Territories Available: World excluding China


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful enchanted forest filled with adorable little animals. They all lived peacefully together under the shadow of an ancient truce between prey and predator. The ancient animals of forest arranged for lasting peace after a long and bloody series of battles during the time of The Great Wilderness . In that distant past The Dojo Masters trained the weaker animals to be strong, and improved their self-defense by helping them master the ancient art of Shuai Jiao . A great warrior named "The Red Shadow" arose who mastered all forms of the ancient fighting techniques, and he swore to protect the secrets of the art , even as the need for it vanished under the long lasting truce. Many generations have come and gone since the mysterious masked figure in his mythical red costume has been seen. But now, the long lasting truce seems to be in jeopardy. Don Lupo, a mean and hungry wolf, is exhausted and weakened by boring vegetarian recipes. He has his evil hungry eyes focused on three helpless baby goats named; Shangool, Mangool and Habbe . They have only just enrolled in the Dojo to start their journey to become Shuai Jiao Ninja warriors. Is the ancient truce between the animals finally going to be broken ? Can these three innocent students defend the forest against an uprising of hungry wolf and his gang ?