The Criminal Man.jpg

Title       The Criminal Man

Genre    Thriller

Director  Dmitry Mamuliya


Time       135 minutes 


Country  Georgia


Natalia Jugheli,Vladimer Kobakhidze,Goderdzi Liparteliani,
Giorgi Petriashvili,Nukri Revishvili,Anna Talakvadze


Year  2019  


An uneventful life of Giorgi Meskhi, a 28-year-old deputy-chief engineer from an industrial town, turns upside down when he accidentally witnesses a murder of the famous goalkeeper. He attends the funeral and while trying to stay unnoticed, spies on the wife and daughter of the deceased. After returning home he attempts to call the police but hangs up upon hearing the voice of the officer. From day to day, he keeps returning to the crime scene as the murder infects him like a virus, until eventually becoming his obsession.