Stephen Moyer              Alicia Silverstone              Drew Van Acker  

Title        SHTF: War for Survival

Genre     Thriller Sci Fi  

Director  Drew Mylrea


Time       90 minutes 

Country  USA


Year        2020   

Status :  Pre-Production

Delivery TIFF 2020

Territories Available: World

Sizzle Real Available on request


In a post-apocalyptic world thousands of miles away from the decayed cities, a FATHER (late 40s) raises his now 20s SON in a perfect wooded utopia that he built for them having anticipated the wars coming.  When the father is attacked by an "outsider," his son is now forced to travel to the "outside" world to find medicine.  Ordered to kill any humans he encounters, the son suddenly defies his father by developing a forbidden relationship with a woman also living in isolation, far from the decay. Despite his father's suspicions and honest warnings, the son continues this dangerous relationship, and his father will stop at nothing to kill her to protect his son and the perfect Utopia he created.

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