she said he said.jpg

Title      She Said, He Said

Genre   Teen RomCom

Director Claudia Castro


Time     78 minutes 


Country Brazil


Maisa Silva,Bianca Andrade,Maria Luísa Mendonça,Marcus Bessa,
Duda Matte,Fernanda Gentil,Maria Clara Gueiros,Ângelo Leme


Year  2019


Rosa (Duda Matte) is dedicated to study, Leo (Marcus Bessa) is a good soccer player. She is always on time, he is always late. She hates Julia (Maisa), the most popular girl in high school, he kind of likes her. They are both new students at school and, besides having to learn how to deal with new friends and family problems, they find out that they have much more in common than they thought. Based on the successful book by Thalita Rebouças, they will find that growing up may seem complicated but deep down it's a great adventure.