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Director: Michael Budd
Cast:Jane Seymour, Jacqueline McKenzie, Sam Rechner, Stephen Hunter, Coco Jack Gillies, Mike Duncan,Nicole Pastor, Michael Budd, Craig Bourke
Genre: Dramedy
Country: Australia
Language: English
Year: 2022


A teen girl who's forced to share her bedroom with her Grandmother, who has dementia, goes from hating her to loving her as she learns more about some family secrets. Starring two-time Golden Globe Winner Jane Seymour OBE, Ruby's Choice is a poignant tale that follows three generations of strong Australian women. Bonded by shared moments of wisdom and joy, secrets from the family's past are revealed as Ruby's illness threatens to push them apart, and the family struggles to make a big decision. Ruby's Choice will resonate with audiences touched by dementia while offering hope and inspiration to live life to the fullest.

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