Title        Reverse

Genre     Action Thriller

Director  Carlos Martín

Time       93 minutes 


Country  Spain


Raúl Mérida,Iván Hermés,Sara Sálamo,Jonathan D. Mellor,
Mariana Cordero,Elena Ballesteros, Nelson Dante


Year  2015


Alex and Marcos are two brothers who have separated one from another since three years ago, due to a play that they have practiced from their childhood. In the last time they played Alex suffered an accident and he was in coma for three weeks. In the next night after the death of Alex's father-in-law, this one calls Marcos looking for revenge, ready to play one more time wanting win over Marcos by first time at any cost. While they travel in car along the city testing to each other more dangerously with every new challenge, Marta, Alex's wife, find a secret hidden in a Marcos' photo, starting an investigation about her husband and her brother-in-law. But will Marta discover the secret at time to stop Alex and Marcos before it be too much late for both?