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Title Querida Mamãe

Genre Drama Family LGBT

Director Jeremias Moreira Filho | Dani Carneiro

Time  90 minutes 


Country  Brasil


Letícia Sabatella, Selma Egrei, Marat Descartes,Genésio de Barros
Cláudia Missura, Amanda Magalhães, Adolfo Moura, Bruna Carvalho


Year  2018   

Release  Brasil

Festivals Festival Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo, Chicago Latino Film Festival,  Outshine Film Festival


Based on Maria Adelaida Amaral’s critically acclaimed play, “Dear Mom” centers on the conflictive relationship between Heloisa, a recently divorced doctor, and her mother Ruth. Heloisa blames Ruth for her bad relationship with her own daughter, her failed marriage, and even her unsuccessful career. It’s a conflict that worsens when Ruth, after being diagnosed with cancer, finds out that Heloisa has fallen in love with Leda, a painter she met at the hospital she works at.