TV Series                     History-Fantasy


Iron Land is a come of age-fantasy series which presents the life and deeds of the Borgognoni, unique artillers from generations, and their relation with the noble and misterious family of the Este's, intertweened with the fantastic world of the Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto.


TV Series                       Factual - SciFi

New Revelations

There are many locations around the world that are recognized, simply, because they are the headquarters of the most famous UFO enigmas on the planet. It's time to meet them and investigate them. An “experiential program” were every episode is a self-contained adventure.


Feature FIlm                               Horror

Carmilla Tales

Inspired by the Original Novella of the famous Irish Writer Sheridan Lefanu, Carmilla by cult horror director Ivan Zuccon is an homage to the first female vampire in history, whom inspired several films, music bands, comic books illustrators, videogames and fashion icons through this day,


Feature Film                    Action Drama

Fight Pride

An outcast steel worker, searching for a sense of belonging, befriends a bullied homeless boy, but turns brutal brawler after the daughter of a real estate tycoon recruits him to be her



TV Series              Procedural Drama

Forma Mentis

A highly deductive and martial arts black belt female detective in Rome working for the Italy Police, ends up in an unexpected love affair with a serial killer while being proposed to join the Interpol to solve a homicide case.


Documentary                  Biopic  Music

Bob Marley in Ethiopia


The journey of Rohan Marley looking for clues about the visit of his father Bob Marley in Ethiopia during 1978.    A unique experience at the roots of the reggae culture in their motherland.