Title        A Hero's Journey to the West

Genre     Animation Adventure

Director  Phil Nibbelink - Walter McDaniel


Time       90 minutes 

Country  China


Year        2021   

Status :  Completed

Delivery Cannes 2021

Territories Available: World excluding China

Trailer and screener available on request


In A Hero's Journey to the Wesyìt an adaptation of the classic novel "Journey to the West", we learn about the rise

of a brave and fun monkey, who is hatched mysteriously from a stone egg atop Flower-Fruit Mountain.
Alone and scared, he struggles for survival among the animals of the forest. Trying to fit in, he imitates every animal

he meets, but they are all afraid of him and run away. Finally, things improve when he saves the life of a young monkey

and is welcomed into their community as one of their own.
At last, he feels like he belongs and makes it his job to protect the group from danger. But when an older monkey dies

from old age his failure to prevent that from happening is more than he can bear.
He leaves his group, hoping the world will teach him what he needs to know to be a better protector of those he loves.