Title       I Love You Heavenly (Miluji te modre)

Genre    Comedy  

Director Milos Smídmajer


Time      90 minutes 


Country Czech Republic


Václav Jílek,Denisa Nesvacilová,Vladimír Kratina,Tatjana Medvecká,
Marek Vasut,Hana Vagnerová,Miroslav Táborský,Filip Kankovský


Year  2020



Sometimes you just have a jerk, one of those is just going to be a shy painter until you find him in the shop window of an arranger. Tereza is a beautiful arranger - mysterious, chaste and passionate, simply unpredictable and has talent and also attracts David's attention with her artistic expressions. He has no girlfriend still and lives under his mother's roof, who obsessed with yoga. She tries to engage him again and enchant him. But there is still "the third" - Tereza's boyfriend, the artist Igor, a jealous man who can not understand that love can not be held by the blade of the knife.