Title  Max Topas - The Book of Kristal Children

Genre Adventure Family

Director Michael W. Driesch 


Time  86 minutes 


Country  Germany


Max Driesch,Michael W. Driesch,Mara Driesch,Liam Brendt,
Vincent Druyen-Bloch,Edda Fischer,Lina Gottlieb,Jens Hajek


Year  2018  



Nine-year-old Max Topas wakes up much too late one morning and finds that his parents and sister have vanished without a trace. Monsieur Quidam, a peculiar stranger, appears just at that moment, claiming to have cast a spell on the family, that they were about to embark on a trip around the world from which they would never return and that they would have no memory of Max at all. There was only one way to stop all this: within just two hours, Max must find the 'Book of the Crystal Children' for Monsieur Quidam. The only clue provided by the mysterious Quidam is the business card of Madame Edda, a lady who would help Max make sense of all this and be able to point him towards finding the book.