Title          Marshall Mu GuiYing

Genre       Action-Fantasy

Director    Diao Lulu

Time        100 minutes 

Language Chinese


Year         2021   

Status :    Completed

Territories Available: World excluding China


The film tells the story of the legendary war between Song and Liao during the Northern Song Dynasty. Yang Zongbao and his father Yang Yanzhao led an army to fight back against the Liao army and recover the lost territory.


Unexpectedly, Empress Dowager Xiao of Liao ordered a wizard to set up the Heavenly Gate Formation, resulting in heavy casualties for the Song army. Yang Zongbao was ordered to go to Muke Fortress for the dragon-subduing wood. He met Mu Yu who set a martial arts tournament to find a husband for his daughter.


Yang Zongbao and Mu Guiying fell in love after the fight. Mu Guiying handed over the dragon-subduing wood to Yang Zongbao to help him break the formation. But Yang Zongbao failed to take proper care of it.


The dragon-subduing wood was burned by the enemy in his camp. Yang Yanzhao wanted to execute Yang Zongbao according to the martial law. At the critical moment, Mu Guiying broke into the execution ground and saved Yang Zongbao, and she led the Song army to break the Heavenly Gate Formation, greatly defeating the Liao army.