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   Francesco di Leva            Alessandro Preziosi            Cristina Donadio           Francesco Mandelli

Title        The Plague aka La Peste

Genre     Drama

Director  Francesco Patierno


Time       100 minutes 

Country  Italy


Year        2021   

Status :   Filming

Delivery  Berlin EFM

Territories Available: World

Director's Notes

"The Plague", is not a film that limits itself to adapting the famous masterpiece by Camus, but starts from the story originally set in Algeria in 1947 and full of incredible similarities with the epidemic we are experiencing, to tell with an original mechanism and engaging these months that are changing, and have changed the world, society, people.

In particular, the film moves the setting of the novel to modern day Naples and, in addition to a work on language and dialogues that have become close to everyday speech, it has the ambition to become a unique (cinematic) testimony for the modalities with which it will be shot and the reflections that such an important text will be able to offer to those who see it.