Title Hot Lead Hard Fury

Genre Retro Action Crime  

Director Mike Olafson


Time  118 minutes 


Country  Italy


Will Beckingham,Marc Bilker,Sam Del Rio,Jesse Frazier,Jaclyn Gest, Gene Horne,Mike Malloy,Rodrico,  Kira Lynn Sands, Jermaine Smith,Jeremy Swinehart,Ron Van Clief 


Year  2018  


1977: Industrial ghetto "Steel City" is under siege from organized crime, corruption, and a new synthetic drug called "Voodoo Blue". When news of a drug sting leaks to the wrong people, Detective Cal Beefer becomes a casualty - despite the protection of veteran cop Solomon Link (Ron Van Clief, "Way of the Black Dragon", "Death of Bruce Lee") When big brother Chuck Beefer comes to town, he wants answers! Chuck -once a cop himself- seeks to find the source of the leak and apprehend the killer and leading dealer of voodoo blue, a man named Afro Steele. Beefer delves deep into the seedy underworld of Steel City where he encounters Karate hit men, torturous drug lords, and a team of lovely yet lethal ladies known as the "Sisters of Sin".