Title        Grendel

Genre     Mistery Thriller


Director  Hanmin Yun


Time       98 minutes


Country  Korea


Year  2017


Desire makes human beings different. The success of an equivalence exchange with the death of others, your choice?There was a case in which a prominent psychology professor who was famous for the murder game motif in the novel was murdered. But a young artist, Han Joon, conceals the killer for his immediate success. As a result, Han Jun, who is the original author of the novel, is swept away by media and public opinion because of imitation crime, and suddenly succeeds his life. A month later, a photo of the murdered woman in question and a black mail of nuance of knowing the secret of Han Joon came to the courier, and Han Jun who fell into conflict with it, along with the young exciter Jung Hyun who , female journalist, helped his success, meets a woman.