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Title          Firewall

Genre       Action  

Director    Nestor Dennis

Cast          Jose Coronado, Carlos Bardem, Pedro Casablanc, Juan Fernández

Time         90 minutes 

Language Spanish


Year           2022


Status :      In Production / Delivery TIFF 2022

Trailer and Preview available


Alex, a citizen who, upon seeing how the person who led him to ruin along with thousands of families, gets away with the crimes he has committed, decides to take justice into his own hands, murdering those guilty of corruption. This causes a direct confrontation with Angel Rebollo. A shadow billionaire who with his organization manages power at will. Pedro Barroso, a reputed investigative journalist released the news, issuing the confessions that Alex gave him.

Ian, a police officer from the criminal squad, investigates the case, trying to catch Alex, in an investigation that takes turn after turn towards an unexpected outcome. Given the situation in the country, how do we legally fight against those who make the law?

How do we protect our rights if those who must do so condemn us?

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