doll factory.jpg

Title      Doll Factory

Genre   Teen Drama - Dance

Director Shaneika Johnson-Simms


Time      64 minutes 


Country  United Kingdom


Aude des Pallieres,Tayluer Amos,Richard Sandling,Tia Noakes,Jonathan Nyati,

Samantha Seager, Phil Snowden,Frankie Park,Nadine Hanwell


Year  2021


Faced with numerous obstacles and pressure to exceed her Mums expectations, 12-year-old Liverpudlian tomboy Aliza tries her best to raise money to save her fathers dance studio from permanent closure. While adapting to new London inner-city life, Aliza finds comfort in Teon, a shy, charming boy who lives in her block of flats and finds a new rival in national sweetheart and triple threat, Sophie Wallis. This coming of age tale depicts the story of being more than your surroundings with song, dance and grit taking centre stage.