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                    CAN YOU HEAR ME?

Director: Simon Hunter
Cast:  Peter Facinelli, James Cosmo, Matt Barber, John Standing
Genre: War Drama
Country: UK
Language: English 
Year: 2023
Producer: CYHM


In this supernatural war drama, Samuel, an attractive American officer is shot while fighting on the front line in 1918 France. He makes a bargain with the 'Almighty' to return to his beautiful bride in England, Annabel, until the last bell tolls. He arrives home and begins to resume his life as normal. Though slowly Samuel realizes he is a spirit, unable to let her go, he fails to tell his wife the truth. Now carrying his child, for a time Annabel remains unaware of the cruel reality. Finally she receives a telegram informing he has been " killed in action", and forced to contend with the fact She's been living with a ghost, she in turn must learn to let go.
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