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            AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 DJs

Episodes: 8 x 50''
Genre: Music and Travel
Cast: under wraps
Country: UK
Language: English
Year: 20244


A journey of cultural exploration, immersing the DJ into the local vibe, the local food, the local music scene, the local customs, meeting the crazy characters, deliberately allowing them to get whisked off the beaten track, going ‘off-piste’, ripping up the schedule. It will feel like a visceral awakening, an adventure, a cultural epiphany, dangerous and exciting!

This will be a truly unique travel and music show that explores the lesser-known parts of the world, uncovering the underground EDM music scene. Across their journey, each DJ will experience the diversity of the lifestyles and the musical contrasts between the different countries and cultures while visiting breath-taking locations all so they can curate the perfect soundtrack to their journey and create and play the most mind-blowing show on earth.

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