a mulher do meu marido.jpg

Title      Borderless Love (A Mulher do meu Marido)

Genre   Comedy

Director Marcelo Santiago


Time     95 minutes 


Country Brazil

Cast   Francisco Andrade,Gabi Lopes,Luana Piovani,Toni Garrido


Year  2019


Borderless Love is a romantic comedy about two couples - Pedro and Joana, Brazilians; Martin and Pilar, Argentines - involved in an involuntary couples exchange. Pedro and Joana turn a blind eye to each other's infidelity. Their daughter, Paula, a jealous teenager, distrusts the father and ends up discovering his case with Pilar. Pedro opts for the family, but without his lover, he becomes a burden at home. Tired of her husband's depression, Joana asks Pilar to return to be Pedro's lover. In the end, everyone's life takes on new paths, but they remain united. Borderless Love is a fun and romantic journey of self-knowledge in the lives of these characters.